bookcovermother Things Your Mother Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to Sexuality

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“Redemptive, wise, practical, honest and tender, this book is a welcome addition to the conversation about women’s sexuality.”

– Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts

Women are barraged with contradictory and confusing messages about sexuality and womanhood. I am constantly having conversations with women in therapy, in the college classroom, and at conferences and retreats about sexuality, gender and identity. I wrote this book to help women understand how and why God created us as uniquely sexual female beings. Knowing who we are can then inform the way we live out our sexuality in relationship to others and in the ways we think and feel about ourselves. Throughout the book I focus on uncovering and dispelling damaging myths about sexuality (such as what you have done – or had done to you – is who you are) that can keep women from experiencing sexual wholeness.

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Stronger Than You Think: Becoming Whole Without Having to Be Perfect

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Solid, thought-provoking, healing, challenging. These four words describe my reaction to Stronger Than You Think. With the mix of the straightforward teacher and the insightful therapist, Kim Eckert gives women a book that speaks to our heads and our hearts. If it is time for you to take a positive, life-altering journey, this woman’s guide is for you. I loved it.”

 – Jan Silvious, author of Foolproofing Your Life and Big Girls Don’t Whine

If you’ve known broken relationships . . .
If you’ve ever felt like you don’t measure up . . .
If you’ve suspected something inside you might be missing or flawed . . .
This book is for you. As a counselor, I have spent years helping women with a variety of life issues, from self-esteem and body image to developing healthy relationships and healing from the past. At the heart of our struggle is not the desire to be perfect, but the desire to be whole. And wholeness ultimately comes only from God. In this book I invite you into my conversations with women. You’ll discover you are not alone in your struggles, and you’ll learn from practical and proven guidance for growth and change. And because growth is always more powerful in community, each chapter includes questions for you to explore in a small group. Let me show how God can mend your brokenness and help you become a whole, healthy person–the woman he created you to be.
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Reviews of Stronger Than You Think & Things Your Mother Never Told You

Publishers Weekly ReviewThis is not a self-help manual with the obligatory seven steps for growth or spiritual renewal. This is a book about women’s brokenness. Eckert, an assistant professor of psychology and counseling at Tennessee’s Lee University, says that failed relationships, body issues, sexual wounds, low self-esteem and dormant anger conspire to keep women from the wholeness they desire. In the first half, Eckert draws on the work of Mary Pipher and Kathleen Fischer to highlight the damaging messages women internalize, and the “negative self-talk” that can cripple them. These chapters are well done, with Eckert bringing the message home through various “tools for the journey”—practical suggestions of things that women can do to enjoy greater authenticity and wholeness. The book’s second half really sings as Eckert tackles specific issues like anger, depression, self-image and—in the book’s most poignant chapters—beauty and women’s sexuality. Drawing on her own stories and those of women she has counseled (and mixing in song lyrics from Dar Williams and Natalie Merchant), Eckert asserts that women are stronger than they think they are: emboldened by Christ, they can find spiritual healing and emotional wholeness. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

“This excellent woman’s guide, Stronger Than You Think: Becoming Whole Without Having to Be Perfect, offers a much-needed message to the women I know. Regardless of age, relational brokenness leads to internal pain and a profound longing for wholeness. Kim Eckert uses sound psychological insight and biblical truth to provide tools for the journey of growing inward and outward. It’s an amazing experience to accept and love the you God created through healing relationships.” -Judith Balswick, marriage and family therapist, and coauthor of A Model for Marriage

“This book will make you think and feel and grow. Kim Gaines Eckert draws on her extensive knowledge in Christian theology, spiritual formation and psychology, and yet makes it practical for everyday life. This is not just a helpful book for women, but also for the men who walk alongside women as friends, colleagues and lifelong partners.” -Mark R. McMinn, Ph.D., professor and author of Finding Our Way Home: Turning Back to What Matters Most

“Every woman who worships the god of perfection can come to know the God of the universe while discovering the wonder of who God has made you to be.” -Stephen Arterburn, author of Healing Is a Choice

“Kim Eckert deepens the discussion about sex to a profound exploration of our sexual soul. Practical and redemptive, this book explores who you are as a woman intimately connected to a loving God, to yourself and to others. Truly a provocative, fabulous read!” – Marnie C. Ferree, author of No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

“Kim Gaines Eckert gives Christian women a much-needed voice on the issue of sexuality. She thoughtfully dispels distorting sexual myths, brings wisdom to cultural pressures and gets to the heart of female concerns. This book conveys hope and redemption within a sexually confusing world. It is an excellent read for men as well as women.” – Doug Rosenau, author of A Celebration of Sex and founder of the Institute for Sexual Wholeness 

” A refreshingly grace-filled and intelligent discussion on the ever-daunting topic of sex. Every daughter, mother, wife, young single should read this book, share it with friends, and pass it around. Not only will you find things your mother never told you, you will find things society, church and culture never told you. These pages contain a no-nonsense honesty, that, if applied, will change our lives and the lives of those we seek to love.” – Shayne Moore, author of Refuse to Do Nothing

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