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Things Your Mother Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to Sexuality by Kim Gaines Eckert (Feb 3, 2014)

FEBRUARY 3RD! That’s less than a month away! My book is being released in just a few short weeks, and I feel a bit like a pregnant woman about to give birth (not sure my nursery is completely ready, excited but nervous, etc…). Amazon is currently offering a discounted pre-order price, but if you subscribe to the blog I will be sending a discount code out in the next week that will allow you to order the book for just $9!! What a bargain 🙂

Let me introduce you to some people I admire…

One of the things that is both thrilling and nerve-wracking about publishing a book is hearing what others think about it. Today, I am honored to share with you a few words from people whose work I deeply respect. Just the fact that they read my book gives me chills, but to hear their words of affirmation means more than I can say here. Before I share their endorsements, let me offer some introductions.

Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist, blogs at If you haven’t read her yet, you are missing out. She writes about faith and motherhood and marriage in ways that speak to my heart. I have one of her quotes displayed in my kitchen right now: “In this house we use our words to love each other.”

Shayne Moore is a gifted writer and compelling force for social change. She is the president of Redbud Writers Guild, of which I am a proud member. Her first book, GLOBAL SOCCER MOM, was endorsed by Bono. Bono! Need I say more? You can find out more about Shayne’s work here.

Marnie Ferree is a licensed therapist and founder of Bethesda Workshops. Marnie is a nationally recognized expert on female sexual addiction. Her first book, No Stones, is the first book to address female sexual addiction from a Christian perspective. More info about Marnie and Bethesda can be found here.

Doug Rosenau is a Christian sex therapist whose books on healthy sexuality I have used repeatedly in my own office. His book, A Celebration of Sex, should be required reading for newlyweds (in my humble opinion), and his work creating the Sexual Wholeness organization paved the way for conversations like the ones in my book. Read more about the Sexual Wholeness Institute and Doug here.

Endorsements for Things Your Mother Never Told You

“Redemptive, wise, practical, honest and tender, this book is a welcome addition to the conversation about women’s sexuality.”
Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist

“A refreshingly grace-filled and intelligent discussion on the ever-daunting topic of sex. Every daughter, mother, wife, young single should read this book, share it with friends, and pass it around. Not only will you find things your mother never told you, you will find things society, church and culture never told you. These pages contain a no-nonsense honesty that, if applied, will change our lives and the lives of those we seek to love.”
—Shayne Moore, author of Refuse to Do Nothing

“Kim Eckert deepens the discussion about sex to a profound exploration of our sexual soul. Practical and redemptive, this book explores who you are as a woman intimately connected to a loving God, to yourself and to others. Truly a provocative, fabulous read!”
—Marnie C. Ferree, LMFT, CSAT, author of No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

“Kim Gaines Eckert gives Christian women a much-needed voice on the issue of sexuality. She thoughtfully dispels distorting sexual myths, brings wisdom to cultural pressures and gets to the heart of female concerns. This book conveys hope and redemption within a sexually confusing world. It is an excellent read for men as well as women.”
—Doug Rosenau, author of A Celebration of Sex, and coauthor of Soul Virgins

As I read each of these endorsements, I was moved, encouraged, flattered and humbled. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me! As I approach the official release date, I will be sharing a few brief book excerpts in the coming weeks. I promise not to flood your inbox, but I do hope you will join in my excitement to birth this book and engage in open, honest, grace-filled conversations about sexuality and womanhood.

Peace and grace to you.

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