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December 2013


linking you up with my article at The Well

Recently I was asked to contribute to The Well, a blog for professional Christian women. Emily Dause wrote about the powerful impact seeing a therapist has had on her own life; you can read her poignant story here. As I read her words, my own therapist’s heart was full. Read on to see my response…

Dear Hurting One,

I don’t know you — your fears or your wounds, your worries or your heart. But I know that you are probably scared. You might feel ashamed, embarrassed, or alone. If you have never talked with a therapist, or if you’ve had a bad past experience, then you may have a lot of questions about counseling. Things like:

What will the counselor think of me?

Why do I feel this way?

Am I the only one?

Can a counselor actually help me?

Am I crazy?

Is there hope for me?

I cannot speak for all counselors everywhere, but if you were to walk into my office, I would want you to know a few things about me and about the counseling process.

Being a therapist is my profession, and I take seriously the privilege and responsibility of walking with people in and through dark seasons. I will not be shocked or surprised by anything you tell me, and I genuinely want to hear your story. All of your story — the glossy, pretty, exciting highlights, but also those moments cloaked in shame.

I think a huge part of counseling is being a witness to your story — standing next to you and helping you see and acknowledge and understand your pain and your journey. My job is not to judge or condemn, but to bear witness. To say — Yes, this happened. You felt this. You did that. You had that done to you. And I’m so sorry. Now let me help you unravel what it means and how this thing has woven itself throughout your everyday, walking-around life….

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